Don’t forget your umbrella!

If you forget to eat, you can always come to FrankFood to fill yourself up, but if it rains, don’t forget your umbrella! Well, it wouldn’t be the end of the world: you can also come to FrankFood as we have our own umbrellas.


You look good enough to eat!

Rainy days often seem rather dark but you can always turn things round: you can brighten them up by going to FrankFood or brighten up the day of the people you meet with your umbrella telling them “You look good enough to eat!”.



You’re pleased it’s raining because it gives you a good excuse. What else would you do when it’s raining and you can’t stroll through the streets? Go to FrankFood to keep dry.


Much more than just coffee

A way of starting or dealing with the day with energy and optimism. Your fuel.


To wake up to

This mug is magical. It is specially designed to contain the potion that wakes you up. Whatever you drink, you’ll literally jump out of bed!


Much more than just a mug

Much, much more! It is everything you put in it. It is every moment you spend with the mug. A mug that is a world in its own.


I Love it

No, we don’t have special salt and we don’t use a particular salty language.  This mug pays homage to FrankFood in Salt (Girona).



F for fabulous, F for fantastic, F for fun, F for Frankfurter lover, F for fan, F for FrankFood!


Oh yeah!

Yes, this mug is a corporate one! So what? Our FrankFood lovers asked us for it and, well, our logo is so great!


FrankFood lover

Say with us, out loud, and with pride “I’m a FrankFood lover” and I’m proud of it.


All yours

If the spice of life hypnotises you, this is for you


Do you want some?

With this T-shirt, you’ll be a greater hit than the potatoes!


White T-shirt

If you play on our team and you want a good outfit, make sure to wear our 100% cotton white T-shirt.



Ice creams, eggs, hot dogs, potatoes, brochettes, pineapples, pears, croissants, cupcakes, chicken, and so on. And can you see the F?



Show off your hot dog! You will look good enough to eat in this super cool T-shirt!



Hey, you, identify yourself!  Are you from FrankFood? Come in, then! You have been saved by your lanyard: hang what you want on it (your keys, cards, your mobile, etc.) and you won’t lose them.